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- Katie Kaboom gets furious when her dad and mom is not going to Enable her dress in dresses which have been "in-fashion" at her college that makes her belly button obvious. Residing up to her identify, Katie turns into a tall furious monster and trashes your house. [Cubed Cinder]

- A cancelled university discipline journey will never shrink Nina Thumbell's thirst for journey! This episode stars characteristics a personality named Nina Thumbell, daughter of Thumbelina. She's very small, but has the ability to mature just a bit shorter than one other ladies.

- A lady shrinks Busby using the demonstrate's signature shrinking equipment and traps him in the box so she will use him being a puppet in her expertise show. YouTube video clip of GTS scenes.

- Two alien teddy bears blast the citizens outside of sight when they are searhing for a large worm. Courage discovers the worm outside of the farmhouse, and it reacts Each time he performs a tuba. The Area bears come to the scene, and expose the tiny worm is in fact an area worm owned by a giantess alien named Tulip.

- The villain from the Motion picture Whisp turns herself into a giantess a few occasions. The 1st time is through the opening scene of wherever she’s chasing right after Gigi and Fawn. When they turn into trapped in a space, Whisp turns herself right into a giantess but prior to she does just about anything, she gets defeated by Gigi and fawn. The second time is halfway through the movie the place Gigi explains to the main figures what Whisp goal is, through that Whisp towers more than The varsity smirking.

- A two minute shorter next a young girl named Pandora, who comes into connection with a box (Pandora's Box, get it?) plus the monster inside of. The monster tries to scare Pandora, who is barely amused through the creature and results in him grief as a substitute along with her playful antics.

- The episode is break up involving two with Timmy and Crimson Chin. The overall plot is that Timmy using a bathtub but noticed that he does not have the newest problem in the Crimson Chin so he want to be with the comedian guide retail store, after granted, Timmy finds out that he’s been sent to The shop bare and spends almost all of it endeavoring to get again property before any one he is aware sees him. The Crimson Chin aspect is set within a comedian e book that’s in the bathroom is where the GTS scene is at the place he has got to struggle a completely new villainess known as H2Olga a girl that’s produced outside of and Handle h2o.

- Once the chase scene is in excess of concerning Wasp and Whirlwind, Ant gentleman catches him by utilizing a swarm of flying ants. Ant male is shrunken in dimension even though he rides on one of many traveling ants as he’s talking to Wasp. Through that scene Wasp is three times larger than Ant guy. Later in the episode when Whirlwind is while in the jail known as  the large home, having Take note that one other super villains are merely sitting of their cells he will make a stand and fights off the robot guards and wins.

- The contestants try and lasso a computer-managed bull in Argentina and race rubber rafts down the Amazon River in Brazil, then a scavenger hunt for monster-associated things as well as a log-roll race from the Brack Lagoon in Transylvania.

- Emotion disregarded by his friends, Timmy wishes for his imaginary Pal Gary to become actual but that before long turns into a foul plan as his actual pals like Gary around Timmy and even his crush fancy him. Wanting Gary gone he wishes for him to disappear but is stopped when Gary wished it to not come about. It then turns out that due to the fact Gary is a component of Timmy’s creativity, he himself is Timmy and since he became serious implies he might have his wishes granted to. The 2 decide to duel it out over who will get to be serious and who’s imaginary within just Timmy’s intellect.

- Dot saves a mosquito as well as a dragonfly from the spider's Website. Then she unintentionally eats a magic root that shrinks her to the scale of insects. Dot is actually fearful of every one of the insects but soon Keeto, the mosquito she saved, along with a caterpillar named Butterwalk occur and aid her out.

- Doug and his pal Skeeter are attempting to movie a monster movie, but 2 times Doug's mom turns into Component of the scenery, naturally creating get redirected here her appear like a GTS.

- All through the episode Falcon acts as if Wasp requires defending for the reason that she's small. close to the conclude of the episode a damn bursts and to avoid the nearby Tremendous Hero city from flooding Wasp grows to giant size and makes use of a large boulder to block the drinking water and help save town. [a0040pc]

- Other eyecatches hold the Female being in chibi sort ahead of the business split, and then afterwards, they improve back to standard but having to crouch to suit in the display screen.

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